Mediation in the Workplace

Are you in work and in conflict? No matter whether you are on the shop-floor of an industrial plant, in a managerial or HR role, in a white-collar profession, a service industry, public sector employment or the private sector-

Conflict is costly to the economy and to you.

Whatever your position, you don't have to go on suffering.

If you are in dispute with

and legal or disciplinary action has not progressed too far, mediation is the most productive way forward.

Bullying between staff is rife in both the public and private sectors. The Bully-On-Line website received most enquiries from Education and Health Sector employees. This website is now not regularly updated but still holds useful information.

Case History

An employee may feel jealous towards another colleague over an internal promotion having applied unsuccessfully for the position. Or a colleague may feel snubbed over not being invited to a corporate event. Feelings such as animosity hinder working relationships and affect productivity for the company or organisation.

One such case festered for over a year and involved a professional association for ages before it, and the parties, decided to consult Out of Conflict mediation. The colleagues even shared the same office and were preventing the achievement of corporate goals. Communication between them had broken down. A separate meeting in neutral offices, followed by a joint meeting at a later date lasting 5 hours, helped them to resolve the situation.  Allegations of bullying were explored and deep-seated feelings aired in a safe controlled environment. Difficult as this was for each person, the situation was successfully mediated and the parties drew up their own outcomes. Their professional Association agreed not to attend the mediation and a thick file of allegation and counter allegation wasn’t even referred to during the process.


The parties acknowledged what had caused the breakdown in relationships, drew up their own code of conduct for daily routines and exchanges, agreed what information from the mediation and its outcomes could be communicated to their management and how to handle any future contentious matters. They embarked on the staff-development that had been problematic.

The case outlined above is a real life illustration of many such instances that have been resolved using Out of Conflict.