About David Hilton and Out of Conflict

Out of Conflict is a mediation service founded in 1998 by David Hilton, a nationally accredited and qualified mediator.

An experienced mediator...

When asked about his specialisms, David replies 'mediation'. He regards himself as a 'generic' mediator rather than a person with specialist knowledge of a particular domain. It is -he believes- his astute listening, reflective and empathetic practice, his re-framing and sometimes challenging mediation skills that help parties to resolve matters, rather than solely his specialist subject knowledge

Training & Qualifications

After qualifying, David became a trainer and assessor with a leading provider for people on workplace mediation courses, accredited by NOCN.

Millennium Award

David spent time in Northern Ireland studying conflict resolution with the Education for Mutual Understanding programme in schools and communities there as part of his Millennium Award for services to mediation.